This drawing depicts the St. Vitus Church 1907 building inserted into the current building with Fr. DeMita and Italian immigrants who founded the parish.



There are many opportunities throughout the year to volunteer to help our parish community.  Some of these opportunities are described below.

Watch the bulletin for announcements on ways you can become involved by volunteering in our Parish

In the spring during Lent, a group of parishioners get together to braid palms that will be sold to parishioners on Palm Sunday.  Beautiful works of art are created by our talented teams.  There a variety of tasks that need done – creative and supportive. 

For 4 days each August, we have our St. Vitus Big Festival that requires hundreds of volunteers to work at food and game booths, in the kitchen, or in kiddie land to make this fundraising event successful.  There are also opportunities for chair positions of various aspects of the festival.

We also need volunteers to help decorate and then take down decorations during the Easter and Christmas seasons.  You can help enhance the beauty of our Church by assisting with these efforts.

Other ways to volunteer for liturgies.

It’s easy to become a volunteer – just contact the parish office on 724-652-3422 and let us know you want to help.  You will be welcomed!


All volunteers for ministries must complete the Diocesan requirements of the Safe Environment Policy with regard to minors established for those in positions of trust.